Portable Platforms for OSHA Compliant Fall Protection for Railcar and Trucks

We offer several portable truck access platforms. Pictured is our PTA series unit for loading, unloading, inspection, and sampling applications. These units provide an additional level of safety when you need to access the top of different types of trucks and will not, or cannot depend on truck installed access ladders or traditional stationary loading racks for fall protection.

Mobile Loading Platform for Truck Tank Car Access | Rail Tank Car Access | Seatainer Access

Fall Prevention various Size Configurations

  • Standard Three Rail Safety Cages for Tank Truck Access
  • Standard Two Rail Safety Cages for Rail Car Tanker Access
  • Large Safety Cages for Multiple Hatch Access

Easy Moving with Tight Turning Radius

  • Tow bar for easy moving, positioning and spotting
  • Oversized 16 inch pneumaticaly filled foam tires designed to work on uneven paved surfaces
  • Perpendicular or horizontal models available.

Adjustable Height for Truck, Hopper and Railcar

  • MLP-14 is adjustable from 10' to 14'
  • MLP-16 is adjustable from 12' to 16'
  • Folding outriggers and stabilizing jacks widen the support base for added safety.

Have Questions on Specialized Applications or Solutions?

Our portable access platforms come in perpendicular or parallel access models and include the heavier freestanding model you see here and a truck-top supported, lighter weight version not shown. We can customize any of these models to your specific application or site conditions.

OSHA Fall Prevention

Our Safety Cages and Hoops come in a varity of sizes to meet OSHA requirements for Fall Prevention. When surrounded by a handrail, the operator is free to work without cumbersome lanyards and life-lines.

Simple Assembly

Our Mobile Loading Platform is easy to assemble in 4 hours or less. Ready for use the same day as delivery!


With multiple cage configurations, the unit can be configured to handle different elevated operator applications.

Built for Safety

With Fall Prevention our primary mission, we include stabalizing jacks, no-slip serrated surfaces, hand-rails, and cages for operator protection with a 500 lb capacity.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

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Industry Fall Prevention | Loading / Unloading Solutions

Modular Access Systems’ manufacturer’s engineers have standardized our platforms, loading racks, safety bridges and gangways by surveying hundreds of unloading and loading racks and developing a common standard. Our engineers started with the standard heights of trucks and rail cars that our customers use and then integrated the OSHA guidelines for fall protection. Then we developed a product line of loading platforms, loading racks, bridges, and gangways that we pre-manufacture that meets this combined set of standards.

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